About Isabella Kiss

Isabella Kiss: a creatively created 20-something with an ardent passion for life and a surplus of imagination.

Follower of Christ. Wife to her Lover. Diner waitress. Creator of crocheted cuteness. Ever-improving chef & baker. Nutrition pursuer & fitness finder. Crafter & creator. Singer & ivory-tickler. Sister to adopted multitudes. Crazy cat lady. All-around pursuer of that which would be labeled "domesticated," though she is no tame lion,. Haver of many hobbies and wearer of many (handmade) hats.

But most of all, she is a WRITER, Gifted and commissioned by her King to write. Currently pursuing a career as an author of fantastical tales, and changing the world one stroke of her pen at a time.

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One Response to “About Isabella Kiss”

  1. Today is the first day of the rest of your life - and this wonderful journey. The power (of the pen) is about to be unleashed! I have enjoyed watching this bubble up, going to be more fun watching it explode. A very proud observer.
    W. Faulkner