The Artist in all of us

This past weekend I received a profound, yet simple, revelation.

I have the ability to join words in a way that they have never been strung together in all of history. I have the power to couple and link phrases that they have never before been paired, ever since the very first words were written. I have to opportunity to not only invent sentences, but paragraphs, stories and entire books, that have never before been created.  And not only that, but if I do not piece together these words, then no one else will. If I don't write my stories then they will go unwritten.

The weightiness of being a wordsmith hit me hard with this realization. I have words in me that no one else does. I've been given imaginings that no one else has. I've been entrusted with stories that if I don't tell them, then they will forever go untold. 

Prior to now, it seemed inconsequential if I just wrote for myself and stashed my stories away. But now I see that all stories- MY STORIES- have value and they must be told. I am not just a writer in the sense that I put words on paper; I am a creator, an inventor, a shaper of words and crafter of tales.

Writing is more than just a way that humanity communicates and documents for longevity. Writing is art. I am not only a typist or pen-wielder, but an artist who paints with words. Paper is my canvas and words are the colors I choose to paint my scenes. No one else can paint the same painting I can with my pen.

The same high value can be placed on any artist gifting. What do you do? What art do you make? As I ponder this topic, I can't help but recollect the childhood masterpiece by Dr. Suess, Oh the Things You Can Think. What wild imaginings can only you make reality? What is in your heart and mind that is distinctly yours, but begs to be shared? You can paint something that has never been put to canvas ever before. You can cook something with an aroma that has never before wafted from a pan, with a sensation that has never before danced on taste buds. You can photograph something or someone that has never been documented by camera in just that way prior to the click of your shutter. You can design something that no designer before has ever thought up. You can join notes together in a melody that has never before been heard by anyone's ears. You can imagine beyond all other prior imaginings.

Everyone is creative. It is part of being human. What is it that you and only you can create? I believe each of us was created- hand-crafted- by a limitlessly creative Creator and that we each, in some way, bear a piece of His creativity personality. We were creatively created to create; designed to wonder and imagine unique and beautiful things. Maybe you don't do "art" or "crafts," and perhaps think you aren't creative because you failed elementary school art class. Maybe it would pain you to identify yourself as "artsy," but that doesn't mean you are without ability to be creative. But what if you have a thought in your mind that no one else does?  Something to be build that hasn't yet been thought to be erected? A way to fix that which was previously thought unfixable? What if you see a solution that no one else has seen? A cure that no one else can find.

I am a word-wielding, phrase-shaping, story-telling artist and what I write is valuable because only I have and ever will write it. I'm still trying to let that sink in. What are you an "artist" of and what has stopped you from creating that which you were created to create? Whatever it may be, know that your creative potential is boundless and we, the world, are waiting for you to get started. 

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